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Are you excited to display YOUR QUILT(s) in a garden this year?
Then JOIN OUR GUILD!  Meet us on the third Tuesday of each month at Rosehill.  We are calling in the quilt entries (Doesn't have to be totally finished yet) We are filling in the schedule for attending the gardens in shifts that allows time for volunteers to use their FREE tickets on the other gardens of the tour.  Come join the fun! Contact the guild email at
SAVE THE DATE!   July 15 - 16  2017  Mark your calendar for the gardens you will be helping! Invite your friends to help, too.
Quilter information:
   Submit NOW for your input to the Rosehill show July -> September.  Name, quilt name, dimensions, value, sales price (if applicable)
   Send this info via email to Ann Lindquist (see newsletter)
Quilt information for the Garden and Quilt Tour is being requested by Mary Vaughan.  Her form and format are in an email sent 3/6/17.
Plan to share your quilt name, dimensions, description/history for the event ticket brochure-guide, sales price (if applicable), 
AND: a .jpg picture.  If you can't make and submit the photo, bring your quilt to the meeting and we can take a photo there.
Forms and photos are due MAY 1, 2017
Quilts ready for display are due JUNE 20, 2017
Hanging sleeve info is available on the "Quilting Tips" Tab on this website.