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Flange (piping) Binding :  machine sewn binding, no hand stitch

submitted by Connie Tebbutt

To prepare binding:
Cut two sets of strips:
          Flange (accent color)                                                           cut strips 1 ½” wide
          Binding (what you would use if not doing the accent)           cut strips 1 ¼” wide
Stitch Flange strips together using diagonal seams, trim and press open.
Stitch Binding strips together using diagonal seams, trim and press open.
Right sides facing, sew Flange and Binding strips together using ¼” seam.
Press the seam toward the Binding strip.
Fold the strip in half (just as you would a regular binding) and press.
You now have a binding (with a small flange showing) ready to apply to the quilt.
Place the binding with small flange onto the backside of the quilt and sew in place using a ¼” seam, miter corners as usual paying attention to intersection of the seams between binding and flange strips.
Fold the binding to the front of the quilt.  Using a thread to match the flange fabric, top stitch in the ditch.  Can use a decorative thread or stitch to secure the binding.
Other cuts to try:    Flange (piping)          1 5/8”                    1 3/4”
                               Binding                      1 1/4"                    1 1/4"