Comfort Quilt Guide

ALL size quilts are most welcome! Our Grad quilts should be at least Twin size. This quideline is meant to help you use up those leftover fabrics to make a quilt that will be well loved by someone.

Lap Quilts – 36” to 45” squares or rectangles up to 36″ x 45″

  For use with wheelchairs, please use a plate and round two end corners.

Kids Quilt – about 45” square up to 45″ x 60”

   Nice, bright colors and fun fabric

I Spy Quilts for children – cut 6.5 inch squares – preferably from smaller prints with identifiable  images. These will be mixed and matched with other donations and quilt creations will be made with a 6×8 squares set up: final size 36 x 48″… This is planned for sewing at our meeting in November.

Nap Quilt – about 50” x 72”

Grad Quilts – twin (60″ x 80″) and larger

TOTE BAGS:  Needed by some organizations for distribution of quilts and things to the children

Tip from Dianne Grant:  Easy to sew from “Painter’s Cloth” canvas purchased in packets at Home Depot type stores Instructions