Garden & Quilt Tour

Next Up: July 20 & 21, 2024 Join the Planning Team!

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6 Lovely Gardens will be Prepared!

Garden Volunteers : Time to SIGN UP !

Go to the Members only page and find the link to our (free-version) of SIGN UP GENIUS. You can sign up your helper friends, too! (Questions: Contact Joyce D.)

MLQ Chair: Sue M.

MLQ Gallery Show at Rosehill will be FABULOUS! Chair: Ann L.

What a fantastic show from 2019:  Watch the Video Link Here

Here is the instruction sheet for entries in the 2024 Tour: Entry information

Here is the Form for your entries for 2024 Tour: Form for each quilt entered in the Tour

Sleeve for Quilt Entries: 2024:



Enter up to 3 quilts by sending a picture, name of quilt, your name and dimensions, and if it’s for sale – how much.

(By giving the committee options we can curate a great show.  We will attempt to choose at least one quilt from each entry.)

(If for sale, know that Rosehill takes 25%.  If sold, you will fill out a W-9 tax form and your payment will be in late August.)

Send photos and information to Ann Lindquist 425-418-6140 or by March 19th our Guild meeting.

(If you need help taking a photo of your quilt, bring it and share at the meeting.  We can take a photo there.)

Notification will be made before the April 16th Guild meeting as to which quilts are chosen for the show.  

Bring the chosen quilts to the April meeting.

The show finishes at the end of July and you will pick up your quilts at Rosehill.

There are spaces for a couple of bigger quilts but we can show more quilts if they are smaller.  

Quilts need to be hanging ready which means you need to provide a dowel or flat board with an eye screw at each end.   Quilts hang best if the sleeve/dowel hangs 2.5″ from the top and 1.5″ from each side.